The Ontario Wine Society is a not-for-profit group of wine enthusiasts operated largely through volunteer time. The Society was formed in 1991 and has continued to provide its members with engaging and varied ways to discover, appreciate and support local wines. The events and trips are considered outstanding value for money by its members. The Society’s efforts are supported by the wineries of Ontario and Wine Country Ontario. The club caters to any Ontario wine lover 19+.

Upcoming Events:

September 13 - Muscedere Vineyards at Michael's on the Thames

September 13 – Muscedere Vineyards at Michael’s on the Thames

  • October 18 – Angel’s Gate: Tasting & Presentation at Michael’s On The Thames


Membership has its privileges

  • Frequent wine tastings
  • Access to exclusive tasting events
  • Exposure to both popular & lesser-known wines
  • Access to OWS London forums
  • Annual multiple-course wine pairing dinner
  • Summer ‘Wine Country Bus Trip’
  • Access to industry insiders
  • Deals & discounts from partnered organizations