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We are one of London’s biggest wine organizations with over 145 active members, dozens of participating wineries and a very active wine community. The London Chapter hosts up to 11 events each year including an annual 6-course wine pairing dinner, a wine country bus tour most years and up to 8 informative tastings.

The London Chapter has been operating since 2015 and has grown steadily.  Though London doesn’t sit in a natural (or even an emerging) wine region, wine culture in this city runs deep.  The Ontario Wine Society is a diverse group of wine lovers from many different backgrounds.  From casual wine drinkers to certified sommeliers and wine makers alike, the London chapter has something for everyone.

The Executive Board of the London Chapter - OWS meets on a monthly basis. The members of the Executive Board are volunteers who put their names before the Board for consideration and are approved by the Chapter Executive Board with the full blessing of the entire London Chapter membership. 

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in late April where summary documents and financial reports are provided to all members. It is also a forum for the members to ask questions and provide input into the operation of the Chapter. 

Please see the bottom of the page for the current members of the London Chapter Board.


Corporate Info

The OWS has been in existence since 1991. We are a non-profit group of wine enthusiasts that provides engaging ways to discover, appreciate and support local wine. 19+ to join. The Ontario Wine Society currently consists of 3 chapters — London, Niagara and Windsor-Essex.

To ensure necessary co-ordination between the chapters, make decisions for the Society as a whole and perform common functions, a corporate group was created. The Corporate  Executive Board consists of the Presidents of the 3 Chapters and their respective Vice Presidents. This Board meets at least twice a year and more frequently if deemed necessary. 

London Chapter Board Members

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Mark Costello

Chapter President

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John Wates

Chapter treasurer

Brenda Beretta




Joelle Lees

Chapter Vice President

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IMG_2510 (2).JPG

Sheila Lauzon

Director and Past Vice President