Questions, Comments, Queries?

We always love hearing from our friends. If you have a question about the Ontario Wine Society, chapter events, a winery presentation or just about wine in general, please email us at

In order to answer your question as best as possible, please feel free to direct your question to a specific board member.  Here’s a look at what we each do (other than drink wine, of course)


Mark Costello – President: General inquiries, membership inquiries, corporate information, event information. Mark can pretty much answer any question you may have or at least find the answer for you.

Joelle Lees - Vice-President: owner of Michael's On The Thames with extensive knowledge of hospitality industry.

John Wates - Treasurer: Responsible for financial oversight, budgeting process and banking activity. John is a wine enthusiast.

Sheila Lauzon – Director. Sheila is a Canadian Wine Judge with an extensive knowledge of all thing wine…

Brenda Beretta – Director, Administration. Brenda handles a combination of some membership responsibilities and manages website and event issue.

Sarah Fortune - Director of Special Events: Sarah is the lead person for our bus trip and has an extensive knowledge of the Ontario wineries.

George Piccin – Past President